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transitivetran‧si‧tive /ˈtrænsətɪv, -zə-/ adjective technical  SLGa transitive verb must have an object, for example the verb ‘break’ in the sentence ‘I broke the cup’. Transitive verbs are marked [T] in this dictionary.ditransitive, intransitivetransitively adverbtransitivity /ˌtrænsəˈtɪvəti, -zə-/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
transitiveDependent nomic conditionals also have the logical feature that they are transitive.He also refers to a transitive attitude and to transitive minds.This transitive dependency should not exist in third normal form.The relation of dominance of a hierarchy can equally well be transitive or intransitive.There are 60 grammatical categories specified within this lexicon indicating such properties as transitive verb, plural noun, proper noun etc.Similarly, transitive verbs contrast directly with intransitive verbs, but only indirectly with adjectives.
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