Date: 1300-1400
Language: Latin
Origin: , past participle of transferre; TRANSFER1



change languages

[intransitive and transitive] to change written or spoken words into another language [↪ interpret]
translate something (from something) into something
Translate the text from Italian into English.
Poetry doesn't usually translate well.
translate as
Dagda, an ancient Irish deity, literally translates as 'the good god'.

happen as result

[intransitive and transitive] if one thing translates into another, the second thing happens as a result of the first
translate (something) into something
A small increase in local spending will translate into a big rise in property tax.

have same meaning

[intransitive and transitive] to mean the same as something else
translate into/to something
These rates translate into a return of 8.5% for dollar investors.

change forms

[intransitive and transitive] to change something, or be changed, from one form into another
translate (something) into something
the danger of translating your emotions into actions
Jokes often don't translate well into print.

use in new situation

[intransitive and transitive] to be used in a new situation, or to make something do this
translate something to something
It's amazing how well the play has been translated to film.
translatable adjective

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