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translatortrans‧la‧tor /trænsˈleɪtə, trænz- $ -ər/ ●●○ noun [countable]  BOTRANSLATEsomeone who changes writing into a different languageinterpreter
Examples from the Corpus
translatorShe worked in Geneva as a translator.Speaking through a translator, Li told of his early life.The publishers are looking for an American translator for his novels.My father was immediately hired as his interpreter and translator.William Caxton, the great fifteenth-century Brit-ish printer and translator, was first to render Aesop in our language.The stories about her render her variously as victim, betrayer, seducer, and translator.But for the writers and early translators of the Gospels, it was a very precise term, denoting a very exact figure.A year later, it focused on the language translator.It came as no surprise to find that the local translator in Sochi had muddled up the names.He had a good ear for language, and was a talented scholar, translator, and lyric poet.The translator was gazing about, holding up one hand for quiet.
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