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transparencytrans‧par‧en‧cy /trænˈspærənsi, -ˈspeər- $ -ˈspær-, ˈsper-/ noun (plural transparencies)  1 [countable]TCP a sheet of plastic or a piece of photographic film through which light can be shone to show a picture on a large screen2 [uncountable]SEE the quality of glass, plastic etc that makes it possible for you to see through itopacity3 [uncountable] the quality of being easy to understand or know aboutobscurity
Examples from the Corpus
transparencyThese variable factors include the depth of the water, its temperature and transparency, and its velocity, among others.There's just no interest in transparency.Its depth determines its purity, and its purity determines its transparency.This is aimed at preventing insider dealing and promoting market transparency.The normal dieback is 5 percent, the normal transparency, 25 percent.The partial transparency of the rock allows focussing up and down to assess grain packing.The fiasco has shown up the dangers in an industry where reputation often rests more on brand names than transparency.
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