2 verb
trap2 S3 past tense and past participle trapped, present participle trapping [transitive]

in a dangerous place

[usually passive] to prevent someone from escaping from somewhere, especially a dangerous place:
Twenty miners were trapped underground.
Dozens of people were trapped in the rubble when the building collapsed.
There's no way out! We're trapped!

in a bad situation

be/feel trapped

to be in a bad situation from which you cannot escape
be/feel trapped in
Julia felt trapped in her role of wife and mother.


to catch an animal or bird using a trap

catch somebody

to catch someone by forcing them into a place from which they cannot escape:
The police trapped the terrorists at a roadblock.


to trick someone so that you make them do or say something that they did not intend to
trap somebody into (doing) something
I was trapped into signing a confession.


British English to get a part of your body crushed between two objects [= pinch American English]
Mind you don't trap your fingers in the door.
pain from a trapped nerve

gas/water etc

to prevent something such as gas or water from getting away:
solar panels that trap the sun's heat

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