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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrappingstrap‧pings /ˈtræpɪŋz/ noun [plural]  SHOW/BE A SIGN OFthings such as money, influence, possessions etc that are related to a particular type of person, job, or way of lifetrappings of the trappings of power
Examples from the Corpus
trappingsThe large Palace library, Victorian in its solid mahogany trappings, was lightly clad with the Bishop's books.But this was a warrior king who had all the trappings but little of the reality of war.The rescue was launched early Friday with all the trappings of a crack military operation.Freed from the trappings of conventional morality, Van Ness is at liberty to invent his own.I had the trappings of success, of social acceptability.The trappings of prominent elected offices do not shield the occupants from the challenges, temptations and failures of daily life.Such companies are leaving the traditional trappings of corporate existence behind.trappings ofHe never got used to the trappings of fame.
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