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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtravestytrav‧es‧ty /ˈtrævəsti/ noun (plural travesties) [countable usually singular]  UNFAIRused in order to say that something is extremely bad and is not what it is claimed to be Their marriage was a complete travesty.travesty of O'Brien described his trial as a travesty of justice.
Examples from the Corpus
travestyIt was a political act, a travesty from start to finish.The single-parent family is a travesty of human needs.It seemed almost a mockery, a travesty of what should have been.Irrespective of the success of this integration, your claim was a travesty of the facts.Not allowing her to speak in her own defence was a travesty of justice.The Salem witch trials have proved to be a legal travesty.If we can learn from the travesty of the Hauptmann case, then it will give purpose to an otherwise senseless death.travesty of justiceEven a travesty of justice must follow correct procedure.It's a travesty of justice.Denied effective legal counsel prior to his indictment, Stewart's trial at Inveraray in September 1752 was a travesty of justice.There is no one else into picture to take the responsibility from me for this travesty of Justice.
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