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ldoce_339_etraytray /treΙͺ/ ●●○ S3 noun [countable] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 waiter.jpg Da flat piece of plastic, metal, or wood, with raised edges, used for carrying things such as plates, food etc πŸ”Š The waiter brought drinks on a tray.2 Ba flat open container with three sides used for holding papers, documents etc on a deskin tray (=for holding documents you still have to deal with)out tray (=for holding documents you have dealt with)3 especially British English a flat open container with four sides used for holding certain things πŸ”Š a cat litter trayseed tray (=a tray in which you plant seeds) β†’ baking tray, system tray
Examples from the Corpus
trayβ€’ The door opened and Jenkins entered carrying a tray.β€’ We had tomato soup for dinner, followed by roast beef and sago pudding, served airline-style on a tray.β€’ She heard Stephen order Sally to take a tray upstairs to Mrs Winters and she said nothing.β€’ Water Grill's dessert tray beckons!β€’ If bulbs look shrivelled when unpacked, immerse in trays of damp peat until plumped out.β€’ There are many more, including wheelchairs, sticks, commodes, special non-slip trays, and bath seats.β€’ The tray was heavy with food and drinks.seed trayβ€’ Because polyanthus are more difficult to germinate, start them off in seed trays or pots in a greenhouse or cold frame.β€’ Use a small split cane the width of the seed tray to make a series of depressions in the levelled compost.
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