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2 noun
1 [countable] something special that you give someone or do for them because you know they will enjoy it
as a treat
Steven took his son to a cricket match as a birthday treat.
2 [singular] an event that gives you a lot of pleasure and is usually unexpected:
When we were kids, a trip to the beach was a real treat.
3 [countable] a special food that tastes good, especially one that you do not eat very often:
The cafe serves an assortment of gourmet treats.

my treat

spoken used to tell someone that you will pay for something such as a meal for them:
Let's go out to lunch - my treat.

go down a treat

British English informal if something goes down a treat, people like it very much:
That new vegetarian restaurant seems to be going down a treat.

look/work a treat

British English informal to look very good or work very well:
The sports ground looked a treat, with all the flags flying.

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