treat‧ment S3 W1


[uncountable and countable]M something that is done to cure someone who is injured or ill [↪ treat]
treatment of/for
There have been great advances in the treatment of cancer.
The best treatment for a cold is to rest and drink lots of fluids.
She was given emergency treatment by paramedics.
get/receive treatment
Some of the patients had to wait weeks to get the treatment they needed.
Michael responded well to treatment (=got better when he was treated).

behaviour towards somebody

[uncountable] a particular way of behaving towards someone or of dealing with them [↪ treat]
treatment of
Civil rights groups have complained about the harsh treatment of prisoners.
special/preferential treatment (=when one person is treated better than another)
The two young princes were not singled out for special treatment at school.
Just lately, Kyra has been giving me the silent treatment (=refusing to speak to me because she is angry with me).

of a subject

[uncountable and countable] a particular way of dealing with or talking about a subject [↪ treat]:
I didn't think the film gave the issue serious treatment.


[uncountable and countable] a process by which something is cleaned, protected etc [↪ treat]
treatment of
the treatment of polluted rivers

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