Language: Old English
Origin: treow


Related topics: Plants
tree S1 W1 [countable]
1HBP a very tall plant that has branches and leaves, and lives for many years:
As a kid, I loved to climb trees.
a cherry/peach/apple etc tree
We planted a peach tree in the backyard.
the trunk of an old oak tree (=the main central part part, from which the branches grow)
2 a drawing that connects things with lines to show how they are related to each other family tree
Christmas tree

➔ top of the tree

at top1 (3)

➔ it doesn't grow on trees

at grow (7)

➔ be up a gum tree

at gum tree (2)
parts of a tree: trunk, branch, leaf, blossom, roots, bark, twig

a large area of trees: forest, rainforest, jungle

a small area of trees: wood/woods, thicket British English, copse British English

types of tree: evergreen, deciduous, conifer, fruit tree, hardwood tree

wood from trees: timber, lumber, firewood
tree bush, shrub, sapling, deforestation

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