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treelesstree‧less /ˈtriːləs/ adjective  DNa treeless area has no trees in it a treeless landscape
Examples from the Corpus
treelessMainly mountainous country, often treeless.The newer end is rough, treeless and spartan.It was a town built on a sandy, treeless area that once served as the water basin for Los Angeles.There was consolation for a treeless landscape in the ever-changing pattern of colour and cloud in the island skies.The land was vast and treeless, like a plain.The palm-tree groves and pedestrian walkways represent a welcome change from the mostly treeless parking lots elsewhere in the valley.Tipi poles were made of the slender trunks of young lodgepole pines, and were rare items on the treeless plains.One is a realistic, pitch-dark forest of oaks - an ideal place for hide-and-seek in almost treeless Venice.
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