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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtremendoustre‧men‧dous /trɪˈmendəs/ ●●○ adjective  1 BIGvery big, fast, powerful etc Suddenly, there was a tremendous bang, and the whole station shook. She was making a tremendous effort to appear calm. She praised her husband for the tremendous support he had given her. Sales have been tremendous so far this year. This plan could save us a tremendous amount of money.see thesaurus at big2 GOOD/EXCELLENTexcellent She’s got a tremendous voice, hasn’t she?tremendously adverb tremendously wealthy
Examples from the Corpus
tremendousThe progress that has been made in microelectronics is tremendous.Shandon is a tremendous athlete.My new job will be a tremendous challenge.Rosewater had a tremendous collection of science-fiction paperbacks under his bed.That decision created tremendous doubt about whether facilities will be made available to service the regions north of London.As you can imagine, there was tremendous drama at the time.I heard a large whoosh and a tremendous explosion right in front of me.The hedgehogs could hear its tremendous feet crunching through the weeds as it bounded away.The tremendous force of the tornado wiped out the town.Your advice has been a tremendous help to us.You gain access to those 4 million square miles, and you gain access to tremendous natural resources.Besides, this is a tremendous opportunity.It was a tremendous thrill, meeting her in person.The tremendous variety of activities in Dorset ensure that I will continue to visit time after time.tremendous effortI would see the tremendous effort it took her to cook this dinner.With a tremendous effort of will, he straightened up and stood against the wall.With a tremendous effort Ruth forced her eyes open.It was a tremendous effort showing some remarkable talent amongst us and contained a powerful presentation of the gospel.He was making a tremendous effort to appear calm, if possible to be calm.But Tom made a tremendous effort to behave in the proper way.It takes a tremendous effort to stop, so: Be determined.I would like to thank staff at all levels for their tremendous efforts which contributed to this success.
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