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tremolotrem‧o‧lo /ˈtremələʊ $ -loʊ/ noun (plural tremolos) [countable]  APMmusical notes which are repeated very quickly
Examples from the Corpus
tremoloThen it transpired the guitar I wanted to try didn't have a tremolo bar so he went off to find one.Timber wolf is what they sounded like, their deep and resonating power now trailing off into musical tremolos.The lack of tremolo means that certain areas of style are limited access only, but this is the Standard model.See, for instance, how the expensive Floyd Rose tremolo systems have worked their way down to cheaper guitars.There were piles of bad-taste wreaths around and sickly tremolo organ music.Note how in this case the tremolo creates an expectation of the forcefulness and dynamism which is to follow.The tremolo is a vintage style, spring-loaded affair in the Fender tradition, with a thickish chrome bar.The tremolo is the Wilkinson type, which we've covered elsewhere in this issue.
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