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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrendytrend‧y1 /ˈtrendi/ adjective (comparative trendier, superlative trendiest) 🔊 🔊 FASHIONABLEinfluenced by the most fashionable styles and ideas 🔊 a trendy Bay Area restaurant► see thesaurus at fashionable —trendiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
trendy• She only talks like that because she wants to sound trendy.• It's promoted by the natural-born hucksters within Apple because it has all the earmarks of something trendy and fashionable.• Trendy bars and restaurants are opening and inexpensive apartments in the area are getting hard to find.• And they have a trendy baseball cap.• For instance Sol, the beer sold in London's trendy cafe bars at £2 a time, is just 25p a bottle.• He has a trendy haircut and wears a dangling earring, but his accent is like his father's.• a trendy New York night club• They like to wear the cloak of socialism because it's trendy on the international stage.• a trendy street market in the centre of Paris• Delgado predicts that blonde hair will become trendy this summer.• With sinking heart Sly realized that he was in a burger joint that was too trendy to peel its potatoes.• The very first day her ad ran, she got a call for a hairpiece to be worn at a trendy wedding.• stylish South Beach cafes filled with trendy young couples
trendytrendy2 noun (plural trendies) [countable] British English informal 🔊 🔊 FASHIONABLEsomeone who tries hard to be fashionable and follows all the latest styles – used to show disapproval 🔊 young trendies from art college
Examples from the Corpus
trendy• Ladies wear color and luxe fabrics, trendies wear black and industrial nylon.• I was thrown out by some irate trendy who kept muttering something about royalties.
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