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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtressestress‧es /ˈtresɪz/ noun [plural] literary  HBHa woman’s beautiful long hair
Examples from the Corpus
tressesHer long blonde tresses were partially covered with a simple headband, a floral coronet and a chiffon train.Slowly, so slowly, he brought up handfuls of the bright tresses, and they slid like silk through his fingers.As the cut tresses lay scattered on the floor by the chair, Heather scrutinized the effect in the mirror.Clynol's Gel Forming Spray was used to give subtle hold to these sexy long tresses.The platinum tresses falling around her shoulders are not her real hair.In the hippy era images filtered weakly through a hairy sea of tangled tresses.By simply massaging it on to your scalp every week you can revive and restore your tired tresses.
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