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trestletres‧tle /ˈtresəl/ noun [countable] especially British English  1 DHFTan A-shaped frame used as one of the two supports for a temporary table2 (also trestle bridge) a bridge with an A-shaped frame supporting it
Examples from the Corpus
trestleAnd the third was a shining glass coffin, lying on a rich velvet pall on a gilded trestle.So, what they had managed to gather during the week, her father would arrange on makeshift trestles in the yard.In the centre would be several lines of trestle tables carrying cages for chicken, ducks and geese with a few tame rabbits.Ro, the future engineer, adjusts the trestles.I expected them to be together when I arrived, sitting around the trestle table in the big kitchen.A particularly interesting feature of the trestle piers was the method used for founding them on irregular river beds.The trestle tables down each side were stained with wine and strewn with the stale remains of various meals.
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