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trial run

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrial runˌtrial ˈrun noun [countable]  TEST/EXPERIMENTan occasion when you test a new method or system to see if it works well This year is something of a trial run for the new service.
Examples from the Corpus
trial runBut after a trial run, what do her passengers think of the ride?Use a smooth four-ply yarn and you can attach it to an old test piece for a trial run.Thursday dawned crisp and sunny, perfect weather for a trial run, but I still chickened out!The airline's new check-in system will be given a trial run this weekend.Cherrie advises against leading edge technology and even with what is regarded as a technological winner he recommends a trial run.After hearing of the consumer law from friends, Mr Wang decided to stage a trial run.Because this was the contraption's trial run, it was to be driven manually by turning the big wheel.The web site proved to be a bit bulky and tough to maneuver during a weeknight trial run...
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