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triathlontri‧ath‧lon /traɪˈæθlən/ noun [countable]  DSOa sports competition in which competitors run, swim, and cycle long distances
Examples from the Corpus
triathlonHe did the swim in the San Diego Challenge, a triathlon that awarded two spots for the Ironman.He was speeding through the big loop on his bike; he was in training for a triathlon.My current mileage is only 10-20 miles per week, but I would like to move up to longer distances and triathlons.Once he realized his own exceptional stamina, he advanced to marathons and triathlons, then ultra-marathon cycling races.He plans to win his age group of the Ironman triathlon in Hawaii when he is 70.Okay, you're a participant in iron man triathlons?No worries about sharks spotted in Sydney Harbor for the triathlon.Now they're tuned up and ready to take the plunge for the triathlon season ahead.
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