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tribaltrib‧al /ˈtraɪbəl/ ●○○ adjective [usually before noun]  SArelating to a tribe or tribes a tribal dance tribal cultures
Examples from the Corpus
tribalThis conclusion is based on studies of human society, both modern and tribal, and on comparisons with apes and birds.William Fagg, ethnologist and historian of tribal art, died London, 10 July aged seventy-eight.But much of it also went into the unbridled and anachronistic opulence of the royal family and the main tribal chiefs.But repeated over and over in tribal councils, it soon took on the power of dogma.tribal councilsThe provinces are based upon the ancient tribal homelands whose people were ruled by their own chieftains.Many Aborigines become disorientated as tribal societies crumble and black independence erodes further - they have become a marginalized minority.It was the largest movement of peoples since the tribal wanderings of the first millennium.tribal warfare
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