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tribesmantribes‧man /ˈtraɪbzmən/ noun (plural tribesmen /-mən/) [countable]  SAa man who is a member of a tribe
Examples from the Corpus
tribesmanMore than 2,000 of Col Garang's Dinka tribesmen were killed.The hunter had only his own memory and the oral record of a few elder tribesmen upon which to draw.Their neighbors were other hill tribesmen.It is tribesmen who tell themselves that tribes are natural groups based on primary bonds of kinship and descent.When one tribesman had problems, it was the duty of another to help.As a result, we will become like preliterate tribesmen of old, except on a much larger scale.Was there some kindred spirit that linked this Samburu tribesman with a group of walkers from Sheffield?Lizards remain sacred to these tribesmen, and death is said to result from accidentally killing one.
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