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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrickerytrick‧e‧ry /ˈtrɪkəri/ noun [uncountable]  TRICK/DECEIVECHEATthe use of tricks to deceive or cheat people
Examples from the Corpus
trickeryHe's managed to get as far as he has through slick talking and trickery.So they sent Odysseus, the master of crafty cunning, to get them by trickery.Furthermore, the excuses he makes smack of the old trickery.It was a piece of political trickery that enraged the opposition.But in a multicurrency society, the citizens could hedge away from such trickery.Their style was seen as outdated, anachronistic, full of superficial trickery.She suspected trickery and stood her ground.So implausible, so achingly out of touch are they, no amount of Toytown trickery can disguise their ancient irrelevance.
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