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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrickstertrick‧ster /ˈtrɪkstə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  TRICK/DECEIVECHEATsomeone who deceives or cheats peopleconfidence trickster British English a slick, fast-talking confidence trickster
Examples from the Corpus
tricksterThe lack of anonymity meant that charlatans and tricksters could rarely get away with their deceptions for long.There are many frauds and tricksters in this area.Luckily, she had an innate ability to quickly judge people-if they were honest, loyal, tricksters or leeches.He was grinning now, his old soul-of-the-party trickster look.It was a remarkable trick, but the trickster was even more striking.confidence tricksterHe can break up the rhythm with the deceptive powers of a confidence trickster and made something happen from seemingly stagnant positions.Apparently his mum died when he was just a kid and his dad was a confidence trickster.Maybe he was a confidence trickster.
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