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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrickytrick‧y /ˈtrɪki/ ●●○ S3 adjective (comparative trickier, superlative trickiest)  1 DIFFICULTsomething that is tricky is difficult to deal with or do because it is complicated and full of problems I can get you tickets for the show but it’ll be tricky.see thesaurus at difficult2 TRICK/DECEIVECHEATa tricky person is clever and likely to deceive you syn crafty
Examples from the Corpus
trickyGetting everyone to use the new technology will be tricky.Getting the two sides of the mobile to balance is tricky.For customers, the choice is trickier.What is a little tricky about Easter is the date, which varies yearly.Its physical manoeuvrability makes it easy to demonstrate syllable structure or to emphasise tricky bits.Refuelling a plane in mid air is a tricky business.Some unnecessarily tricky camera work early on is taxing, as is the film's glacial pace.Oh, no fault of your own, it's a very tricky role.Teachers often have to deal with tricky situations such as interviews with angry parents.It is not to any degree tricky, subtle, or surreal.But as a headache remedy, caffeine can be tricky to manage.It would be very tricky to try to stabilize the region without the support of other countries.
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