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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtriflingtri‧fling /ˈtraɪflɪŋ/ adjective  UNIMPORTANTunimportant or of little value a trifling sum matters of trifling importance
Examples from the Corpus
triflingThe benefits to the poor are trifling, and for native peoples, invariably negative.Usually haemorrhage was trifling and healing clean.Spenser's stories, if superficially trifling, are yet justified by the symbolism.With trifling exceptions the record is restricted to monetary values.The fines for these licences were uniformly trifling, implying that they were obtainable without difficulty.a trifling matterLittle bits fall off the car, some trifling part has been improperly milled, a mechanic makes a mistake.They themselves face no more than a trifling penalty if caught.a trifling sum of moneyThe sign on the door tells the visitor he can have a tooth extracted for a trifling sum.
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