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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrigger-happytrigger-ˌhappy (also trigger-ready) adjective informal  DANGEROUSsomeone who is trigger-happy is much too willing to use weapons, especially guns a trigger-happy cop
Examples from the Corpus
trigger-happyA debate even begins about whether the army is not getting a little trigger-happy in its nervous and no doubt terrified tension.It ensured that no trigger-happy missile controller would fail to observe the safety precautions and attempt a little target practice.Whooper swans are molested by irresponsible trigger-happy parties but here, at Bolam, they visit in peace.The investigator said the killings were the result of poor procedure by trigger-happy police rather than premeditated murder.After all, half-an-hour away in any direction there is a trigger-happy racist waiting for his big day.trigger-happy soldiers
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