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trinkettrin‧ket /ˈtrɪŋkɪt/ noun [countable]  DCJa piece of jewellery or a small pretty object that is not valuable
Examples from the Corpus
trinketThe odd grown-up cracker will occasionally reveal an Asprey trinket or an enamel box.Malongo was charmed by the idea that it suggested crass ambition and mindless spending on consumer trinkets.One shelf displayed trinkets from each country she had visited.Women and girls would pile flowers, trinkets and gifts on stage at his feet.Chief Auctioneer, Michael Welch, suggests that silver, brass or other trinkets could well fetch a tidy sum.Where others see trinkets, Romans see the holy grail: something for nothing.Others survive by begging, selling trinkets or scavenging on rubbish tips.House rules allow only minor gifts such as shirts and souvenir trinkets.She walked in the woods at the edge of the meadow and looked at the trinkets in the boughs.
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