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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtriotri‧o /ˈtriːəʊ $ ˈtriːoʊ/ noun (plural trios) [countable]  1 GROUP OF PEOPLEGROUP OF THINGSa group of three people or thingstrio of He was met by a trio of smiling executives. a classical guitar trio (=three musicians playing together)2 a piece of music for three performers duet1, quartet
Examples from the Corpus
trioA trio of rickety buses takes us to our floating hotel, the Hatshepsut.A trio of six-foot transvestites blow kisses in their direction.Since then he has led a series of fine trios and quartets.Unconfirmed word on the street is that the trio will be performing on Wednesday, August 20, at the Club Congress.The trio have clocked up more than 100 years of local authority service between them.But his other friend, the third in their trio, was gone.trio ofan interesting trio of poems
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