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triptychtrip‧tych /ˈtrɪptɪk/ noun [countable]  technicalAVP a religious picture painted on three pieces of wood that are joined together
Examples from the Corpus
triptychFacing you on a curved wall is a triptych of towering double screens.The work forms part of a triptych - combining also the Requiem and Stabat Mater.It looked rather like a closed triptych.Interior screens can range from fabric-covered triptych folding ones you can move around to sliding doors to a climbing house plant.As news of his triptych spread, he fell under increasing suspicion.It takes the form of a painted triptych, eleven feet high, and is signed by Melchior Salabuss and dated 1588.First the St Sebastian triptych, all finished, down to the last arrowhead and gobbet of blood.There was no sign of the St Sebastian triptych.
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