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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrivialitytriv‧i‧al‧i‧ty /ˌtrɪviˈæləti/ noun (plural trivialities)  1 [countable]UNIMPORTANT something that is not important at all Don’t waste time on trivialities.2 [uncountable]UNIMPORTANT the fact of not being at all important or serious the triviality of daytime TV
Examples from the Corpus
trivialityIn such ways, fashion and triviality can go hand in hand.The reader is subjected to an intensely self-absorbed analysis of countless trivialities.Great longing sets the mind free of concern for trivialities.Other proposals for national greatness at least have the benefit of harmless triviality.The autobiographical narratives of this period are saved from personal triviality by the force of visionary insight.The mayor is too concerned with such trivialities as the size of his office.She would infect even the trivialities of conversation with the vileness of her thought.The trivialities of a business enjoying its first billion-dollar year disposed of, Jobs reentered and introduced himself.Apfelbaum refreshingly asserts that a sense of humor need not condemn the artist to triviality.
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