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trophytro‧phy /ˈtrəʊfi $ ˈtroʊ-/ ●●○ noun (plural trophies) [countable]  1 trophy.jpg DSWINa large object such as a silver cup or plate that someone receives as a prize for winning a competition walls lined with banners and athletic trophiesFootball League/Masters/Heisman etc Trophy (=the name given to a particular competition for which the prize is a trophy)2 DLREMEMBERsomething that you keep to prove your success in something, especially in war or hunting A lion’s head was among the trophies of his African trip.3 trophy wife4 trophy property/artwork/client etc
Examples from the Corpus
trophyHe kept the antlers as a trophy.The legion presented a trophy and certificates to students and staff.the NCAA championship trophyIt is filled with newspaper clippings of championships, trophies and pictures of a younger Impastato, hair as black as ink.They became the first British team to win a major European trophy.The winner went to receive her trophy.Illegal trophy hunting ran out of control and 80 per cent of the Serengeti's elephants died.The winner of the senior international receives a cheque for £5,000, the Freeman Jackson trophy and the Waterford Crystal trophy.And the trophy was taken, in a winning time of sixty four seconds, by a team from Winchester.Team Components Bureau and Streamline Hazlehead meet in the other semi-final, neither side having won the trophy.For their efforts, the winners each received Head Discovery rackets with bags, together with trophies.Broadus was given the male artist of the year trophy in 1994 at the Billboard Music Awards.
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