Date: 1500-1600
Language: French
Origin: trophée, from Latin tropaeum, from Greek, from trope 'turning, defeating', from trepein 'to turn'


Related topics: Leisure, Sport
tro‧phy plural trophies [countable]
1DS a large object such as a silver cup or plate that someone receives as a prize for winning a competition:
walls lined with banners and athletic trophies
Football League/Masters/Heisman etc Trophy (=the name given to a particular competition for which the prize is a trophy)
2DL something that you keep to prove your success in something, especially in war or hunting:
A lion's head was among the trophies of his African trip.

trophy wife

informal a young beautiful woman who is married to a rich successful man who is much older than her - used to show disapproval

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