1 noun
troub‧le1 S1 W2


[uncountable and countable] problems or difficultiesCOLLOCATIONS COLLOCATIONS
have trouble (with something) have (no) trouble doing something without any/too much trouble (=easily) cause trouble serious trouble terrible trouble trouble ahead (=trouble in the future) teething troubles (=small problems at the start of something new) spell trouble (for somebody) (=there is going to be trouble) what seems to be the trouble? (=used for politely asking why someone is complaining) be asking for trouble (=be silly or dangerous) trouble free (=with no trouble)
We're having a lot of trouble with the new computer system.
I've been having trouble checking my e-mail.
We had no trouble finding the address.
She got the jewellery through customs without any trouble.
You can go to the party, but promise me you won't cause any trouble.
He was having serious trouble knowing where to start.
Sudden changes by the government can cause terrible trouble in the housing market.
Recent stock market losses point to trouble ahead.
There were a lot of teething troubles in the first year.
You won't see what your opponent is doing, and that spells trouble.
You're just asking for trouble if you don't give them the money.

bad point

[singular] used when saying what is bad about a person or situation or what causes problems:
The trouble with you is that you don't listen.
The trouble is there are too many people and not enough places.
But no one ever remembers - that's the trouble.
You never think, that's your trouble.

bad situation

in/into/out of trouble

a) if someone or something is in trouble, they are in a situation with a lot of problems:
He admitted that their marriage was in trouble.
get/run into trouble
The company ran into trouble when it tried to expand too quickly.
in serious/deep trouble
The economy was in serious trouble.
the dangers of trying to borrow your way out of trouble
b) if someone is in trouble, they have done something which someone will punish them for or be angry about
in deep/big trouble
We'll be in big trouble if Mr Elliott finds out.
in trouble with somebody
I think I'm in trouble with Dad.
I didn't say anything because I didn't want to get into trouble.
keep/stay out of trouble
I hope Tim stays out of trouble this year.


[uncountable] also troubles problems in your life which you are worried about:
He poured out all his troubles to me (=told me all about his problems).


[uncountable] an amount of effort and time that is needed to do something
take the trouble to do something (=make a special effort to do something)
The teacher took the trouble to learn all our names on the first day.
They've obviously gone to a lot of trouble to arrange everything.
save somebody the trouble (of doing something)
If you'd asked me first, I could have saved you the trouble.
I find that making my own clothes is more trouble than it's worth (=takes too much time and effort).

no trouble

used to say politely that you are happy to do something for someone:
'Are you sure you don't mind?' 'It's no trouble.'
The kids were no trouble (=used to say you were happy to look after them because they were well-behaved).


[uncountable] a problem that you have with your health:
He has trouble with his breathing.
heart/stomach/skin etc trouble
He suffers from back trouble.


[uncountable] when something is wrong with a machine, vehicle, or system:
engine trouble
trouble with
He had to retire from the race because of trouble with the gearbox.

trouble, problem, troubles
!! Trouble is usually an uncountable noun. Never say 'a trouble' He has caused me a lot of trouble (NOT troubles). Are you having trouble (NOT a trouble) with your car? A problem is a specific thing that causes worry or difficulty My biggest problem is shyness. There were a lot of problems with his work. They're having problems in their marriage. Your troubles are your worries Sit down here and forget your troubles (OR problems) for a minute.

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