Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: troubler, from Vulgar Latin turbulare, from Latin turbidus; TURBID


2 verb
trouble2 [transitive]


if a problem troubles you, it makes you feel worried or upset:
There is one thing that's been troubling me.
They have been deeply troubled by the allegations.
His conscience troubled him.


formal to say something or ask someone to do something which may use or waste their time or upset them [= bother]:
I promise not to trouble you again.
trouble somebody with something
I don't want to trouble the doctor with it.
I won't trouble you with the details.

may I trouble you?/sorry to trouble you

spoken formal used when politely asking someone to do something for you or give you something:
Sorry to trouble you, but could you tell me the way to the station, please?
May I trouble you for the salt?

don't trouble yourself

spoken used to politely tell someone not to help you:
Please don't trouble yourself. I can manage.

not trouble to do something

to not do something because it needs too much effort [= not bother to do something]:
They never troubled to ask me what I would like.
Luke didn't trouble to hide his disgust.
! It is much more usual to use bother: Don't bother to call first - just come over. | I didn't bother to change all the sheets.

health problem

if a medical problem troubles you, it causes you pain or problems:
He is still being troubled by an ankle injury.

cause problems

to cause someone problems or difficulties:
They look good enough to trouble most teams in the competition.

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