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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtroubledtroub‧led /ˈtrʌbəld/ ●○○ adjective  1 WORRIEDworried or anxioustroubled face/eyes/look Benson looked troubled when he heard the news.see thesaurus at worried2 PROBLEMhaving many problems These are troubled times for the coal industry. the troubled electronics companytroubled marriage/relationship3 troubled waters
Examples from the Corpus
troubledGreg had a troubled childhood.But the demand for scapegoats in the economically troubled countries is considerable and extends even to the dead.Super-SARA has had a long and troubled gestation period.Oliver and Rain exchanged troubled glances.It was the final ignominy in the short, troubled history of the club that nearly made it to the First Division.Its troubled inhabitants turned to Puritanism.She had a troubled look on her face.The Church was born in troubled times.But the meditators maintain they have scientific proof that it does work and they can bring peace to a troubled world.troubled face/eyes/lookAnd then he too made a troubled face.I will not forget his troubled look.Their faces were barren of rouge, and most of them were pale and troubled looking.They were climbing quite rapidly and soon Maggie's eyes took on a very troubled look.I could see Xanthe's troubled face clearly, and also Filmer's beside her.And as she spoke, I looked into the troubled face of our Prime Minister and her eyes were filled with tears.Finally he saw that far in the back stood a young shepherd boy with a 96 troubled look on his face.Holman was silent for a moment, a troubled look on his face.troubled timesAnd the action premise that completes this credo may seem totally ridiculous in these troubled times.Either case, an omen of these disturbed and troubled times.Good luck to first-time house buyers, particularly during these troubled times.I hope that we have a reasonable record on piloting Britain's foreign affairs through troubled times.The Church was born in troubled times.If you have faced adversity, learn from those troubled times and begin again.All she needed to do now was put her troubled times behind her and win the game.Mama used to say when trying to console me or reassure me that troubled times would pass.
From Longman Business Dictionarytroubledtroub‧led /ˈtrʌbəld/ adjective having many problemsThese are troubled times for the coal industry.financially troubled companies