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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtroublemakertroub‧le‧mak‧er /ˈtrʌbəlˌmeɪkə $ -ər/ noun [countable]  PROBLEMsomeone who deliberately causes problems or arguments a handful of troublemakers who are damaging the club’s reputation
Examples from the Corpus
troublemakerResistance to control makes Nicky a problem, a deviant, a troublemaker.No university wants to hire a coach with a history of lawsuits, a troublemaker, a rocker of boats.In 1657 Crofton tried to bar him from the pulpit, as a heretic and troublemaker.Some of the tenants are troublemakers who break the rules of the condominiums.The Elton Committee urged schools not to stereotype pupils from certain racial groups as troublemakers.Women who point out cases of harassment risk being labelled troublemakers.The violence was started by a small group of troublemakers.That difference was, in these days of war and hate, a possible troublemaker.Democrats figure Newt feels safer if potential troublemakers are out of town.It came to this: The troublemaker would look foolish rather than daring.He dealt with troublemakers in a very personal way, often telling them to leave town or die.
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