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ldoce_754_ztrouserstrou‧sers /ˈtraʊzəz $ -ərz/ ●●● S2 noun [plural] especially British English  DCCa piece of clothing that covers the lower half of your body, with a separate part fitting over each leg syn pants American English His trousers were slightly too short. I need a new pair of trousers for work.trouser adjective [only before noun] The tickets are in my trouser pocket. wear the trousers at wear1(7), → catch somebody with their trousers down at catch1(6)
Examples from the Corpus
trousersHe won't have a woman in the shop if she's got trousers on her and he sees her.She blushed charmingly and held her trousers tip with her right hand.I watched Claude stuff himself into his trousers.Carlo is wearing a large, double-breasted linen jacket and non-matching royal blue linen trousers over a slate-grey T-shirt and stone shirt.The wind struck my face, got into my sleeves, under my collar, up the legs of my trousers.I may be killed for saying this but I suspect the new Focus will be all marketing and no trousers.If you want to buy a flamboyant pair of trousers, go ahead!pair of trousersWillis came to the front door dressed only in a pair of trousers.I was patching a pair of trousers.A pair of trousers lay across the back of a chair and his pyjamas were stuffed untidily beneath the pillow.A pair of trousers now costs 95 colones.Accompanying the burials were textiles-felt, wool, silk and cotton-which included a rather amazing pair of trousers.If you want to buy a flamboyant pair of trousers, go ahead!Flaubert's housekeeper made Julio a coat out of an old pair of trousers.She had one pair of trousers, and she couldn't put them on again until they were dry.
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