Sense: 1-3
Date: 1700-1800
Origin: truck 'small wheel' (17-21 centuries), probably from Latin trochus 'circular iron band', from Greek trochos 'wheel'
Sense: 4
Date: 1800-1900
Origin: truck 'exchange, barter, communication' (16-19 centuries), from truck 'to barter' (13-19 centuries), from Old French troquer


1 noun
truck1 S3 W3 [countable]
1 a large road vehicle used to carry goods [= lorry British English]
pick-up/fork-lift/delivery etc truck (=large vehicles used for particular purposes)
His car was taken away on the back of a breakdown truck.
2 British EnglishTTT a railway vehicle that is part of a train and carries goods [= car American English]
coal trucks
3TTB a simple piece of equipment on wheels used to move heavy objects

have/hold/want no truck with somebody/something

to refuse to be involved with someone or to accept an idea

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