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truckloadtruck‧load /ˈtrʌkləʊd $ -loʊd/ noun [countable]  TTAMOUNTthe amount that fills a trucktruckload of a truckload of oranges
Examples from the Corpus
truckloadSo astonishing are the anecdotes, so bizarre the characters, that eventually the reader has to suspend a truckload of disbelief.The driver, who is stuck with a truckload of oranges, called his company to tell of his ordeal.Each truckload of concrete arrived from the plant with a certificate listing its ingredients and proportions.They are given incentives to move to the hills and transported there in truckloads.As we discussed in the last chapter, businesses move truckloads of goods across borders every day.At the same time, the truckload of urinals began to climb the foothills.Dale, his logger, had cut two truckloads of wood for me, and that was it for now.But scores of state policemen met two truckloads of the farmers at a spot where a small stream crosses the mountain road.
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