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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtruculenttruc‧u‧lent /ˈtrʌkjələnt/ adjective literary  BAD-TEMPEREDbad-tempered and always willing to argue with people syn awkward a truculent attitudetruculently adverbtruculence noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
truculentMr Sylvester, regarding Nails, would have described him as truculent and downright unattractive.This was particularly obnoxious to the truculent Arista.He still took care to be rude and truculent at school to keep up appearances, but the old venom had faded.No sign of a truculent Grimsby or a pugnacious Pontefract yet, but I wouldn't hold your breath.Managers of existing systems reacted to these proposals with truculent hostility.The National Assembly was being truculent over the budget proposals.No-Eyes, bored and truculent, saw the very same things but saw them as boring and limited.The company had weathered intemperate climates, truculent soldiers, and cat-sized rats in one place they stayed along the tour.It was also in the Celtic countries that Romanization celebrated its most truculent triumph.
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