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true to form/type

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrue to form/typetrue to form/typeTYPICALused to say that someone is behaving in the bad way that you expect them to True to form, Henry turned up late. true
Examples from the Corpus
true to form/typeAt Peniel the blessing runs true to form.It is not really worth saving seeds from F1 hybrids or from most fruit varieties as these rarely reproduce true to type.Now to see if he is true to form.Unlike other cereals, rye is cross-fertilized and does not remain true to type.With luck, this one would run true to form.Such subtlety would be true to form for a scorpion, after all.And true to form Graham Sale lost no time in capitalising on an opportunity presenting Douglas Hurd with his own clock.Only Joffre himself, true to form, seemed unaffected by it all.
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