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true to life/true-to-life

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrue to life/true-to-lifetrue to life/true-to-lifeREAL/NOT IMAGINARYa book, play, description etc that is true to life seems very real and natural syn realistic The film is frighteningly true-to-life and very funny. true
Examples from the Corpus
true to life/true-to-lifeIt's a great story, but not always true to life.This story is true to life.It is relatively true to life.Many of her thoughts pass into oblivion, while the occasional thought comes true to life.Sphinx, again, is largely true to life.That anecdote, told in Beatrice Hastings' New Age column, seems true to life.Plastic and unbelievable though the characters may be, yet realistic and true to life are the human temptations and struggles involved.Daylight reveals pure new wool in its true to life colours.Male speaker It's so true to life, just like it was, I think it's tremendous.The film gives us a true to life picture of 1920s Chicago.
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