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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrulytru‧ly /ˈtruːli/ ●●○ W3 adverb  1 [+adj/adverb]VERY used to emphasize that the way you are describing something is really true syn really His work is truly original. Fawcett was a truly remarkable man. a truly great work of medieval literature2 VERYsincerely I am truly sorry. She truly believed he was innocent. I can truly say I’ve never enjoyed myself so much.3 CORRECTin an exact or correct way Is it a truly representative sample?4 well and truly5 really and truly6 yours truly
Examples from the Corpus
trulyI truly am impressed with your work.Getting accepted into Yale is truly an accomplishment.By then Diana was truly at the end of her tether.I truly believe he is innocent.If we truly believe we can win, then we have a very good chance at doing it.It was a truly embarrassing moment.The choice is endless, from the quaintly historic to the truly exotic.For the first time in her life she felt truly happy.No adult twins are truly identical.Pacino cuts them together for a truly original version of Shakespeare that could only be realized on film.She seems truly sorry for what she did.I'm truly sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.The Curators, with no other concerns in the matter, were truly speaking in the best interests of the children.There is always something of the arbitrary, because all that can truly stand for a thing is the thing itself.Similarly, mimicry of the expressions, stance and actions of a truly violent encounter can represent an intention or threat.To this day I believe it truly was less disillusionment and more an embrace of sober realism that moved me to change.truly remarkableThe camouflage devices employed are truly remarkable.The clearly defined black spots and red bands of courage that set the rainbow apart from other trout are truly remarkable.The ignorance about mortgage bonds at the top of the firm was truly remarkable.A truly remarkable achievement and one that demonstrates the enthusiasm with which Johnson Matthey has responded to the challenge.She was in truly remarkable condition.A truly remarkable family connection of over 70 years.Its contents are priceless and its memories are of truly remarkable people.The next few years were to establish Rodrigo as one of the truly remarkable soldiers of his time.
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