tru‧ly W3
1 [+ adjective/adverb] used to emphasize that the way you are describing something is really true [= really]:
His work is truly original.
Fawcett was a truly remarkable man.
a truly great work of medieval literature
2 sincerely:
I am truly sorry.
She truly believed he was innocent.
I can truly say I've never enjoyed myself so much.
3 in an exact or correct way:
Is it a truly representative sample?

well and truly

especially spoken completely:
We were well and truly beaten.
The party was well and truly over.

really and truly

British English spoken used to emphasize that something is definitely or completely true:
I couldn't believe we were really and truly going at last.

yours truly

a) TCM used at the end of a letter, before the signature
b) informalXX used humorously to mean yourself:
So, yours truly was left to clean up.

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