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trust fund

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trust fundˈtrust fund noun [countable]  BFmoney belonging to someone that is controlled for them by a trustee
Examples from the Corpus
trust fundIt is believed proceeds from any sale would go into a trust fund for the children.Her snack bar was roughly equivalent to a trust fund.In consequence, the trust fund is accumulating surpluses.Reducing taxes, reducing rents, awarding more prizes on the trust fund, reducing administrative charges, reducing insurance fund contributions?The trust fund now collects money from 125 million workers to pay benefits to 43 million people.
From Longman Business Dictionarytrust fundˈtrust fund [countable]FINANCELAW a fund for money or property held for the benefit of others or for a particular purpose. The person in charge of the fund is responsible for the money etc and can only act in certain waysA small percentage of the gasoline tax flows into a trust fund to clean up leaking underground storage tanks at filling stationsthe Yorkshire Miners’ Welfare Trust Fund see also Superfund fund
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