2 verb
trust2 S2 W3 [transitive]


to believe that someone is honest or will not do anything bad or wrong [≠ distrust, mistrust]:
I just don't trust him.
trust somebody to do something
Can they be trusted to look after the house?
I didn't trust myself not to say something rude, so I just kept quiet.
trust somebody completely/implicitly
He was a good driver and I trusted him implicitly.


to be sure that something is correct or right [= believe in, rely on]:
Can we trust these statistics?
I trust his judgement completely.
Trust your instincts (=do what you feel is the right thing)!


to be sure that something will work properly [= rely on]:
Not trusting her voice, she shook her head.
trust something to do something
You can't trust the trains to run on time.
He sat down suddenly, as if he didn't trust his legs to support him.

trust you/him/them etc (to do something)!

spoken used to say that someone has behaved in a bad or stupid way that is typical of them:
Trust you to write down the wrong number!

I trust (that)

spoken formal used to say politely that you hope something is true:
I trust that from now on you will take greater precautions.

➔ tried and trusted

at tried2

trust in something/somebody

phrasal verb
to believe in someone or something:
We trust in God.

trust to something

phrasal verb
to hope that what you want to happen will happen, because there is nothing you can do about it:
I'll just have to trust to luck that it works out okay.
I hope I may trust to your discretion.

trust somebody with something

phrasal verb
to let someone have something or have control over something, believing that they will be careful with it:
I wouldn't trust him with the keys.
I'd trust her with my life.

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