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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrustingtrust‧ing /ˈtrʌstɪŋ/ adjective  1 TRUSTwilling to believe that other people are good and honest a shy and trusting childtrusting of She’s so trusting of people.2 involving trust a loving and trusting relationship
Examples from the Corpus
trustingElderly people are often taken advantage of because they are too trusting.The atmosphere in the team is trusting and co-operative.Andrew sat close to her, immensely sad and trusting, as though she was his refuge.She had an innocent, trusting nature, and I worried about how she'd cope in the big city.A lot of the characters in the play have very trusting natures, and this invariably leads to their downfall.Unsuspecting, and being a decent, trusting sort of man, I foolishly agreed to tag along and help.Unless confidences are shared within a trusting team, problems often fester and subsequently explode.Sometimes you're too trusting. You shouldn't lend money to anyone who says they need it.trusting relationshipAnd that's what it's all about really: a loving, trusting relationship.Fiercer invertebrates which came to the moss jungles to prey on this grazing population, could not indulge in such trusting relationships.This can be modified after you have worked with an adviser or broker for a year and grown into a trusting relationship.Just as happy people create their own inclination towards further happiness, so trusting relationships create further trust.The Profitboss. genuinely cares for his customers and develops sound trusting relationships with them over a long period of time.