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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtrustytrust‧y1 /ˈtrʌsti/ adjective [only before noun]  old-fashionedDEPEND/IT DEPENDS a trusty weapon, vehicle, animal etc is one that you have had for a long time and can depend on – often used humorously syn reliable He had his trusty old penknife with him.
Examples from the Corpus
trustySo with his trusty bow and a quiver full of arrows he set out to prove everyone else wrong.What about John Noakes and indeed his trusty helpmate Shep?I quickly started typing on my trusty Macintosh.Yes, he had his trusty old penknife.Use your trusty right mouse button to click on it, which will bring up a properties sheet.I brought my trusty Titleist close to my lips, and I said encouraging things to it.Those trusty yellow peaches in syrup still suit her just fine.trusty oldThis mid-range saloon and hatchback series replaces the trusty old Bluebird and is light years ahead in styling, performance and comfort.Yes, he had his trusty old penknife.Get rid of the trusty old Program Manager and replace it with the Start menu?The latest update to your trusty old word processor can barely keep up with your keystrokes.
trustytrusty2 noun (plural trusties) [countable] British English  a prisoner who is given special jobs or rights, because they behave in a way that can be trusted
Examples from the Corpus
trustyShe communicated instead with a small group of trusties like Lord Young, and advisers within her policy unit.A few weeks later, the trusties shared the news: he'd shot himself.The trusties of Internal Order had added their voices and they, too, were ignored.
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