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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtruthfultruth‧ful /ˈtruːθfəl/ adjective  1 HONESTsomeone who is truthful does not usually tell lies syn honest a truthful child You and I must be truthful with each other.2 TRUEa truthful statement gives the true facts about something syn honest I have only one question to ask you, and I want a truthful answer.truthfully adverb Answer this question truthfully.truthfulness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
truthfulAs a child she was obedient and truthful.In fairness to Robert, I must record that this sounded truthful.We can win for them by being truthful.Justice Department officials who reviewed his statement found it to be truthful.Not everyone believes the government is being truthful.He has clearly not been truthful about the nature of their relationship.It is unlikely that a truthful account of conditions in the prison will ever be seen.I think she is a truthful and moral person.To receive truthful answers from respondents is an expectation upon which all interviews are based.I must be truthful in my films.Lucy's normally an extremely truthful little girl.What would a truthful man say?Our citizens have a right to expect truthful reports from their government.And he, to be truthful to himself, had been relieved that he was not alone.So you and I must be truthful with each other: no secrets.I hope we can be truthful with each other.I've always been truthful with him about my other boyfriends.The judge made it clear that he thought the complainant was the truthful witness and that the case should continue.
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