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try/chance your luck

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtry/chance your lucktry/chance your luckHOPEto do something because you hope you will be successful, even though you know you may not be After the war my father went to Canada to try his luck at farming there. luck
Examples from the Corpus
try/chance your luckAnd if Mr. Birt does find himself out of a job, he could always try his luck as a timeshare salesman.But the next time Berger tried his luck, it produced a spectacular dividend.Why not try your luck and help others at the same time?Moments later Pauleta tried his luck with a fizzing 30-yarder, but Shay Given got a hand to it.Without a pub to be seen for miles we decided to try our luck in the bar of the hilton.He squatted down with a stick to try his luck.Akinbiyi was next up to try his luck after 25 minutes, following a great break from the left touchline.Well, I strongly recommend that you try your luck on any wide verges close to towns.
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