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try it on (with somebody)

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtry it on (with somebody)try it on (with somebody)British English spoken a) to behave badly in order to find out how bad you can be before people become angry She is naughty, that one. She tries it on with me sometimes! b) to attempt to start a sexual relationship with someone When I came back in, one of the men was trying it on with my wife! try
Examples from the Corpus
try it on (with somebody)No, he felt as old Sillerton Jackson felt; he did not think the Mingotts would have tried it on!The man hadn't been stopped before and I wasn't about to try it on.I hired one and went to try it on a mountain.Nobody could have blamed him for trying it on, could they?See my house - try it on for size, as it were?As the older daughter in a family of nine children, she had tried it on her younger brothers without much success.When she married she had tried it on my father with no success at all.I tried it on two teen-agers at a gas station.
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