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try your hand at something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishtry your hand at somethingtry your hand at somethingTRY something TO SEE IF IT IS GOODto try a new activity in order to see whether it interests you or whether you are good at it I tried my hand at water-skiing for the first time. try
Examples from the Corpus
try your hand at somethingIf you have the urge to try your hand at a grant, do so!Diane has always wanted to try her hand at acting.Many who are in the process of acquiring these technical skills may wish to try their hand at grantsmanship.Plenty of Christians have tried their hand at putting their beliefs into prose or poetry, usually with calamitous aesthetic results.Sons wanted to try its hand at selling iced tea.Isaac Mizrahi tried his hand at the corset, and in the process turned out some fabulous evening dresses.Guinness tried his hand at the new Porter with rather more success than his fellow Dublin brewers.It's time to try my hand at the settled life.But he decided to try his hand at writing books and was enormously successful.
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